Every Conversation Weve Ever Had weak forces DoCaWI new year 09 DoIMFaM SMS graphitti system legible natureTime Pieces is a series of clock experiments with limited color pallette.PDPal is a personal mapping application with annotation and BBS features. This was a project with the uber talented Marina Zurkow, Scott Patterson, and Julian Bleeker. I produced this comprehensive Flash application, developing an extensible mapping system which allows for zooming as well as global and local tagging at any level. In addition the app parses and appends XML documents, utilizes dynamic drawing, and displaying, 
 multiple user management and annotation, toggle ability for maps and annotations, dynamic menu population, and various naming abilities. The user may place locales or draw routes on any given point on the map. The user may also annotate the given locale or route, view other users maps, and comment on their locales and routes. PDPal was co-commissioned by the Walker Art Center and Creative Time and is archived on the Whitney Museum's Artport. Currently, there are PDPal maps for Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, and Times Square, NY.Interactive Holiday Card gathering 2004 Holiday Card is a series of algorithmicly generated drawings.cuddle this robotcuddle this robotdance fightmixed messagesAn ActionScript experiment with algorithmically generated blobs that you can knock around. Plenty of variables to tweak.mirrorExperiment where users click to reveal a story. The words are connected via a spring system. A story of a conversation between a couple recalling their relationship as told through a Pong game.cuddle this robotThis was an early ActionScript experiment with algorithmacly generated drawing.Generative Song and VideoThis project, originally made for the online gallery Plexus.org,was also short listed for the Electronic Book Awards and has been featured at The Guggeneheim, The New Museum, SIGGRAPH 2000, SIGGRAPH 99, Digital Arts and Culture, and Digital Salon 99. It has been written about in MIT's New Technology Review, Leonardo, The New York Times and many other journals and papers. This "agent" communicates with your browser, reacting to and appopriating whatever you encounter. It appropriates text and images you've browsed into its own story of loss, until the Agent's story is supplanted by the tale of your history.I got to work with Jim Woodring to make this animated tin toy. I love Jim Woodring.Board Wild on Fox Sports