Prime Video VR

As the leader of the VR team, I built a small team of engineers and a designer, working with a 3P dev house on the 3D elements. In what was unheard of for Prime Video, we built and shipped a new client with only 5 people.

But it wasn't just product, I also oversaw the identification, licensing, contracting and development of VR-native content; 360 videos and interactive narrative and game experiences. My work involved prioritization of features, content, and development, as well as working with 3P studios to develop their titles. I oversaw everything from pitching and wireframes to architecture, to coordination with partner teams, to user testing, to coordinating the WW launch. Then, once live, analayzing and re-rooling based on customer performance.

The product itself had several novel features: a 3D city browse experience that responds to time of day, an immerssive theater experience with the ability to size and place a screen for maximum customer comfort, light weight voice-driven search to bypass the frustrating typing experience, the ability to download titles to your device for offline viewing, and a first time user experience that orients customers.

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